Saturday, May 29, 2010

Video: Opera response to Google Chrome's speed test video

Remember the Google Chrome speed / performance test video? Well, Opera responded with an own performance test video as a reply to Google.

As known, the Opera browser and Google's Chrome are fighting for the fastest-browser-in-the-world crown and Opera is catching up right now with a faster Javascript engine in Opera 10.50. Time do do a little performance testing:

But though both tests do compare the respective performance using the all-known-potato-method, you cannot be exactly sure if a comparison can be done really accurately. Judge yourself.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Chrome performance better than lightning (or a potato canon)

Well, everyone already had the idea that Google's Chrome browser is one of the fastest browser out there. Be it rendering (by using the WebKit) or JavaScript (with the V8 engine), even giving every tab an own process seems to help.

But, until today, I did not know that Chrome is faster than sound or a flash (thunder and lightning). Or even... an ordinary potato gun.

Evidence needed? Watch this video, it explains how that is possible (scientifically).

Who would have thought that a browser outranges a potato canon? Well, now we know.

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