Tuesday, June 06, 2006

At least. The web got me. Catch-22.

So at least the web got me involved. And it's a little bit of a catch-22 situation for me: I do not want to blog. Well, said that you can simply prove me wrong. "Why, oh why, is he blogging then? He already said he doesn't want to do it and he did so at his very first sentence at blogger.com! Blame him, he's lying to us." And who am I to argue that, it is more than true. Not the "he's lying" point, I hope, but alas I am not a blogging kind of guy daily spreading my thoughts to the webworld, why am I doing it anyway?

The reason is as simple as the reason anyone is blogging nowadays: I think I got to say something (more or less) important to the world. And because my job does not always allow me to publish my opinion as straightforward as I'd like to do, this webspace is a place I may let off some steam gathered reading dumb commentaries or simply things I think that are not true. Writing commentaries, as I now recognize, is not the same thing as writing an article and commenting the commentaries that are the result of your own thoughts. You can learn a lotta bunch more through the latter way.

"To blog or not to blog" was the decision I had to make now. Catch 22. Well, let us see how deep the bloggin-hole goes.



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